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"PRODEF" - Stab protection covert and overt vest

Product No.: 70785
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89.90 €
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"PRODEF" - Stab protection covert and overt vest Logo
"PRODEF" - Stab protection covert and overt vest
"PRODEF" - Stab protection covert and overt vest
"PRODEF" - Stab protection covert and overt vest
"PRODEF" - Stab protection covert and overt vest

High-quality manufactured, stab protection vest against piercing and cutting injuries.
Stab-resistant vests should be the indispensable companion of persons who might be exposed to attacks with knives or other weapons like bouncers or security services.

The vest is made of 100% polyester and thus easy to maintain and to clean.
The belly, the chest and the back are protected by removable 2 mm aluminium plates. These plates are the primary protection against stabs.
The secundary protection are 2mm synthetic plates, which are located in the abdomen, chest and back area, offer an additional, protection against stabs.

The vest can be adjusted at the person which has to be protected by many adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners, located on the shoulder and the sides. Thanks to a zipper on the front , the already adjusted vest can easily be pulled and pulled out without the necessity to newly adjust it. By the Cordura protection with a lockable hook-and-loop fastener both the top and the bottom of the zipper are protected against damage. The vest can both be used both as a covert & overt vest.

On the outside of the vest there are many possibilities to attach various equipment offered by the hook-and-loop fastener system e.g. on the sides, as well as on the abdomen and chest area.

This vest are not certified acc. a stab-proof class.

Color: black
Sizes: S - M-L - XL, XXL-XXXL

S   Price: 89.90 €
M   Price: 89.90 €
L   Price: 94.90 €
XL   Price: 94.90 €
XXL   Price: 99.90 €
XXXL   Price: 99.90 €
incl. 19% Tax excl.

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