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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Our FAQ-list contains answers to frequently ased questions, sorted in different categories. Select a category to view the included FAQs.
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What kind of packaging does my order come in? Do you write on the outside of package what is ordered?
We ship the goods in a neutral packaging. We do not print outside the package any informations about the content of the package.
What documents do you need for pepperspray and batons when they arrive at customs?
We assume that customers are informed about the law in their own country. Because we can't have survey of all the special laws and decrees in Europe. So please ask directly the custom office in your country.
Can I pay with bitcoins?
Sorry, not at this time. Maybe in the future.
Can I pay with a VISA or Maestro debit card?
Yes, you can.
Is it possible to deliver to Ireland?
Yes, SDG delivers articles to countries inside the EU which are mentioned on the regarding dispatch list, offered on the website: It is important to consider, that some articles are restricted in some countries. SDG expects that foreign customers inform themselves about regarding laws in their country and current law changes.
How long does Delivery take to the UK? United kingdom.
After receiving the order, SDG requests for some articles an age verification, which are only available for persons over 18 years. After receiveing the proof of age the order is ready for the dispatch, but the additional processing time before shipment depends on the selected payment option. When the paying option money in advance has been selected the outstanding amount has to arrive first which will be confirmed via email. For the credit card payment, the shipping will occur after the receiving of the age verification. The regular delivery time of the parcel by DHL to the UK will take approx. 4-6 working days.
Is it possible to send articles to the Unites States of America?
Orders can only be dispatched to countries inside the EU. For informations please check out the regarding link:
When a baton will be ordered how much will it be in english pounds?
For information please ask your bank for the current exchange rate. If an customer wants to pay via money in advance/bank transfer, SDG recommends to use a special formular called SEPA. By using this formular a lot of bank fees can be avoided, the transfer is very fast. If unsure about filling out this formular please ask your bank for further help.
Is it possible to pay via credit card from Finland.
Yes, the possibility exists, alternatively the paying option money in advance (SEPA-bank transfer) is also available.
Is it possible to deliver stun guns and the TASER (C) to Northern Ireland?
Generally yes, because Northern Ireland is a district of the UK.
SDG expects that the customers inform themselves about special laws in their country regarding to the mentioned articles above, before they place an order. Also because of German laws SDG asks for an age verification of the person which is written in the delivery-address. This is because many articles are forbidden in Germany to persons under 18 years.
For this a copy of the ID, passport or driving licence can be send via Mail, Fax or postal way to the contact addresses written on the home-page.
For information about the service- and shipping costs it is possible to check out the regarding link on the web presence of SDG.
Which paying options are offered by SDG?
SDG offers the following paying options for foreign customers:
1. Money in advance (bank transfer):
Using this paying option you have to finish the placing process at our web-site. After doing this you will receive a confirmation via Mail (leaving an E-Mail-Adress presumed) in which the bank details for the transfer are shown. The so called IBAN and SWIFT-BIC-code has to be used by filling out the special SEPA-formular. We recommend this formular for a fast and easy transfer inside the EU. If you are not acquainted with this kind of paying, please ask your bank for help.
2. Credit card:
By using this paying option it is neccessary to use a valid credit-card (AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD). We do not accept prepaid-credit-cards or company-credit-cards. Furthermore we do not accept the paying method Paypal.
How to obtain information about the already placed items in a current order?
If an customer account has been created with the personal password it is possible to have a look at current order items. Otherwise a short request via Mail directed to the address should help.
If the order confirmation has been sent already but the order has not been arrived, what is the reason for this delay?
In this case the possiblity exists that the order could not be shipped because:
1. the outstanding amount has not been paid.
2. for some articles an age verification is necessary, and has not yet arrived.
3. there are incongruences in the placed delivery address and queries are necessary for the address comparison.
4. the customer could not be informed about any possibilities because the e-mail-account is not available or a wrong e-mail-address has been used.
If there are any questions concerning this, please contact our service-team.
Generally SDG attaches great importance to the speed of deliveries. After receiving the outstanding amount and the copy of the age verification the order will immediately be dispatched to the placed delivery address.
Is it possible to place an order with an value under 29 EUR with the paying option money in advance?
Yes of course, this is possible.
How is it possible to locate an already dispatched package?
If the customers of SDG leave an E-Mail-address during the order process, they will get the information via mail about the successful dispatch process. Also this mail contains a short link to the so called Track&Trace task menu of DHL (German Post) by which the actual state of the dispatch process can be checked.
Which paying options are offered by SDG for foreign customers?
Offered are money in advance. Alternatively credit card-payment. To which countries this paying option is available as well the calculation of the exact amount can be checked out by reading the list of the service- and shipping-costs below the web-page.
Are there problems to send articles to a specific country which is mentioned in the dispatch-list on the web-page?
Normally we have no problems sending articles to the countries mentioned in the dispatch-list.
Where is it possible to look into the order history?
If you have created an customer account with your personal password you can look at your recent orders you have already made.
How is the product marked when it is sent?
Simply as "sent" !
How much are the shipping costs to Scotland?
Same costs like shipment to UK! Please take a look at our shipping-informations: Service- & shipping costs
Do i have to send my ID every time i order?
No, if you already have send us your ID we don´t need it again in the future.
The IBAN and BIC from SDG is wrong!
Out IBAN & BIC codes are definitely right.

IBAN: DE595084000501309608 01
(DE and only numbers)

(letters with number "1" between)

Keep care about the right numbers and letters in your formular, empty spaces have to be avoided.
Can orders be made into the UK, Spain, Greece etc..?
Yes we can! Take a look at our information sheet:
Delivery & Conditions
Is the identification number of my ID-card as a proof of age enough?
Unfortunately not, because we need a copy of an official document that shows the age of the customer, like a passport, ID, driving licence or trading licence. You can send it by fax, mail or post.
Will the shipping costs rise up when I order a lot of products?
Far from it! From an order value of 59 EUR, the shipping costs of 5.90 EUR inside of Germany will completely fall away. International shipping costs are a fixed price of 16,90 EUR - irrespective of the order volume and weight.
Do you have a minimum order value?
There is no minimum order value, but we marked up for a small order value. That means by an order under an order value of 15 EUR we marked up a charge of 2.90 EUR.
Why I can not pay with credit card from any countries?
The payment with credit card is only possible from countries, which have unacceptable bank fees for international bank transfers. Customers for example from Switzerland, Austria, Netherland etc. have the possibility to transfer the money with a SEPA-formular. This is fast and cheap for both sides.
May I order security equipment without a service card?
All articles may be ordered without a service card. All of our products are free available to order. The only constraint is, that for some articles a customer has to be 18 years or older.
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Special prices can be temporally limited, see products description for more details.
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