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What is a stun gun?

With a stun gun you can give the attacker a shock and
put him out of action, so you have enough time to
escape. By the low amperage there is no lasting effect.

Our stun guns will be tested before delivery and you
get it with new ENERGIZER batteries. It is very essential
to use only high-quality Alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries and no bargain offers.

Operation and effect:
A strong electric shock puts the attacker out of action,
even by quick contact.
The amount of the current voltage decides which
material can be interfused. Higher voltage allow a better
interfusion of stronger cloth-thicknesses.

• It works even through clothes
• You won't receive an electric setback, even if the
  attacker touches you
• No physical or mental damage will be received from
  our stun guns

How to use:
0,5 Sec ...small shock
  The attacker gets a muscle cramp and will be startled
1-3 Sec ...middle shock
  The attacker falls down and leads a psychological
  percussion. After a short moment he will be able
  to move again
4-5 Sec ...big shock
  Causes the attacker to fall down, become disoriented
  for a few minutes
Stun gun electric discharge

Ideal point of attack
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