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A word about acerbity

There are several methods to determine the degree of severity level of pepper, but Scoville is the most famous test making acerbity scientifically measurable
1 ml of pure Capsaicin corresponds to approximately 15,000,000 Scoville. The severity level is measured by the amount of liquid needed for dilution until no acerbity is noticeable. This measurement is performed with the aid of subjects, whereby the results can diverse due to different perceptions of the subjects. According to the Scoville Test, pure Capsacin needs 15,000,000 ml (15,000 liters) water to become neutralized.

The Capsainocides are a measurable component of pepper sprays and crucial to the degree of severity. The severity can, however, only be measured restricted on a Scoville Scale, because among others, the following factors may affect the effectively.
The personal feeling towards acerbity can vary greatly
Physical conditions through which the sensation of pain is suppressed
The type of composition (oil-based, water-based or powder)
The amount of active substances

All pepper sprays available in our shop, are extremely painful when in contact with mucous membranes. Sprays that achieve insufficient or no effect, are not even offered by us.
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