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Prevention in this context means the hindrance and reduction of the possibility to be a victim of crime acts. To accomplish this target - to give criminals no chance - you can do something by yourself. A stitch in time saves nine, this extends also for crime.

Harassment and Besetment
Sometimes it is the case that a perpetrator talks to his victims and asks something. If this happens to you, don’t decline this conversation - especially in abandoned areas. Be confident and walk to the next lighted house and ring the bell. If feasible change the side of the street. Is a callbox near to you, call the emergency. Watch your persecutor the whole time. Don’t show him your back, don’t hang up, before the police or other help arrives. Otherwise walk to public areas where other people are. Don´t go to your own address if you have to pass by abandoned areas. If it happens that you meet another person, approach him/her and ask for a walk together to the next house or police.
In case that your perpetrator becomes physical call “Fire” as loud and as often as you can. Fire causes other people to feel threatened too and so they are determined to help or call for help. Be confident and resolute and look firmly at your perpetrator to show this.

In closed rooms
If you are threaded by a person in private rooms, take some objects (vases, ashtrays, dishes) and toss them out of the window, in doing so call “Fire”. Demonstrate self-assurance and show your opponent the door. Try to make contact with your neighbors (phone call, knocking and calling). Acquaintances are more willing to help than strange people are.
Don’t suffer unpleasant situations, demand that “he” leaves the house. In order to avoid menacing situations leave the flat by your own. Later come back with someone who can help you.

In transit
Basically you should not hitchhike! Is hitchhiking the only way to come home, look for a driver of your own gender. You are going in spite of everything with a stranger check the door, window and belt mechanism, so you can leave the vehicle immediately in case of an emergency. Watch the route so you can notice if the way deviates from it. As soon as someone is bothering you require exit. Does one not let you go, start to toss objects out of the window (possibly from the glove compartment) and call for help. Perform all actions quickly and consistently.

Visit Self-Defense Course.
Take a cell phone with you to alarm someone.
To spray Irritant gas can help to hold someone off. (Irritant gas irritates the eyes)
Stun guns also can help against offenders. (Stun gun gives electric shocks)
Alarm messages (An alarm can help to make an offender flee).
Rapel (a small plastic tube that is worn under the clothes and can be crushed in danger. So an offender can be fended by the smell).

Don’t forget, the offers in the free trade are only a defense medium to support your own body. Buyer of such defense mediums should talk to the seller of their use, handling and operation information. Younger people should talk to their parents who will certainly pay for the costs of such mediums.

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