Home Defense Set "Shotgun HDS" - cal .68

Home Defense Set "Shotgun HDS" - cal .68

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 Home Defense Set "Shotgun HDS" - cal .68 incl. Pepperballs T4E The new Home Defense... more
Home Defense Set "Shotgun HDS" - cal .68

 Home Defense Set "Shotgun HDS" - cal .68 incl. Pepperballs T4E

The new Home Defense Shotgun with double barrel as caliber 68, in a professional set for home defense.
The set makes your T4E HDS 68 shotgun completely ready for use from the first second.

The set includes 40x hard rubber bullets and 10x Pepperballs of the brand T4E from Umarex. The gun can also be operated with "First Strike" ammunition. Together with the 12x enclosed CO² capsules it is guaranteed that you can protect your home and yard for a long time.
Since even the most robust device needs to be maintained, we have included a maintenance capsule with instructions. So you keep your shotgun in top condition.

The T4E HDS 68 is the big sister of the HDR 50: A 2-shot CO² shotgun with double barrel in caliber .68 and strong 7.5 joules of power behind each shot.
The barrels can be fired either individually or together. Reloading is quick and easy, just as you would expect from a classic shotgun: tilt the barrel, reload, close, shoot.
With an export valve available on various marketplaces, the performance of the gun for use outside of Germany! can be increased to up to 20 joules.

Equipped with a quick piercing system which ensures that the gas cartridge is only pierced when it is really needed: As soon as the 12g capsule is inserted, a light tap on the underside of the grip is enough to pierce the C0² capsule, making the shotgun ready for use in a flash. In this way, the gun can be stored for a longer period of time without piercing the capsule (and thus without loss of pressure). As with the HDR 50, a small bolt above the grip serves as a pressure indicator of the gun, which jumps out a little as soon as the capsule has been pierced and the gun is ready for use.

The HDS 68 is equipped with a short Picatinny under-run rail, for example to attach a tactical flashlight. The pepper spray attachment of the HDR 50 is also a very good extension for the HDS 68: In case of emergency, this allows you to quickly access another defence option if you cannot reload or cannot reload fast enough.

Incl. 1x Valve maintenance capsule
Incl. 12x CO²-capsules
Incl. 40x Hard rubberballs
• Incl. 10x Pepperballs

Calibre: .68
Propellant: 12g CO² capsule
Energy: 7,5 Joule
Magazine capacity: 2 Schuss
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Calibre: .68
Propellant: 12g CO² capsule
Energy: 7,5 Joule
Magazine capacity: 2 Schuss
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Customer evaluation for "Home Defense Set "Shotgun HDS" - cal .68"
21 Jan 2020

Super Verarbeitung

Die Flinte ist echt gut verarbeitet. Sind zwar nur zwei Schuss möglich aber Nachladen kann man ja üben.

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