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Defence sprays

Self defense admissible as of 14 years

Pepperspray or teargas (CS)?
Pepperspray and CS-Gas are easy to use and effectively, but the pepperspray is even stronger and more effective - therefore it may be used in Germany only for protection against animals.
For this reason we still sell you the CS-Gas as an alternative. Both sorts of defence sprays you may only use, if you are 14 years or older.

Widestream or directstream, gel or foam?
Widestream will spray a kind of fog/cloud. It is easier to hit one or more targets in a short distance, even if the target is moving.
Directstream will spray like a liquid stream. These sprays can be used for repelling attackers on a greater distance and the stream is less susceptible to wind.
Gel has nearly the same attributes like a directstream, but is more semifluid. That way it has a long active duration, because it sticks on the skin better than liquid.
Foam is ideal for using inside rooms, because it does not disperse like a widestream. It also sticks on the skin better than liquid, has a long active duration and the affected areas are clearly visible.

How is the durability of the defence sprays?
All available defense sprays in our store are durable between 18 and 36 months. This depends also on the type of irritant and the propellant. You will receive our sprays always from the latest production batches.
The specified expiration date on the can does not refer to the effectiveness of the irritant material, but to the contained tin can pressure. This becomes weaker with time, whereby the effective range of the stream decreases. After exceeding the date it no longer matches the manufacturer's specified range.

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