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Telescopic tonfa - anodized dural-aluminium

Product No.: 30130
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59.90 EUR
59.90 €
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Telescopic tonfa - anodized dural-aluminium
Telescopic tonfa - anodized dural-aluminium

The handle of this telescopic tonfa is made of black anodized dural-aluminium, the lower part is provided with grooves for a better grip and is finished with a head piece which prevents tearing out the tonfa from the hand.

The side piece is made of black polypropylene and also provided with grooves and finished with a head piece. The front piece, which can be moved inside the handle, is made of massive black anodized dural-aluminium.

Hardened dural-aluminium offers a high stability, durability and oxidation-durability (also in salt water).

The two-part telescopic tonfa is available in two different lengths: 20" (52 cm) and 24" (61 cm). Pushed together the expandable tonfa has only a lenght of 33 cm (or 38 cm) for better transport. The retainer can be released by pressing a locking pin on the side.

Technical specifications:
• Colour: black anodized
• Length: 20" (52 cm) / 24" (61 cm)
• Weight: 700/800 g
• Material: dural-aluminium and polypropylene

52 cm   Price: 59.90 €
61 cm   Price: 62.90 €
incl. 19% Tax excl.


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