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Home Defense Kit "Personal PPQ" - cal .43
with PepperDust Balls

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Home Defense Kit "Personal PPQ" - cal .43 <BR>with PepperDust Balls
Home Defense Kit "Personal PPQ" - cal .43 <BR>with PepperDust Balls
Home Defense Kit "Personal PPQ" - cal .43 <BR>with PepperDust Balls
Home Defense Kit "Personal PPQ" - cal .43 <BR>with PepperDust Balls
Home Defense Kit "Personal PPQ" - cal .43 <BR>with PepperDust Balls

Fire projectiles with very strong pepper irritant! The ultimate defensive weapon from WALTHER in .43 calibre.

With this high-quality, metal pistol with state-of-the-art CO2 blow-back system, PepperDust bullets as well as heavy rubber bullets can be fired. The 8-shot magazine provides sufficient defence potential.

ATTENTION: For better feeding of hard rubber bullets from the magazine, the spring should be changed. A detailed description can be found in the user manual.

PepperDust Balls

To secure your own four walls, you can shoot so-called "PepperDust" balls with this weapon. These .43 caliber bullets are filled with a pepper irritant in powder form. As soon as the balls hit their target, they burst and the pepper powder is released - the effect can be compared to that of a pepper spray. The effective range is about 15m.

Hard rubber bullets

The heavy hard rubber bullets primarily serve to stop the attacker. The impact energy is very high and causes a strong pain in the impact zone. The projectiles are effective up to a distance of approx. 20 metres.

BattleDust bullets

The BattleDust balls also included in the set are filled with chalk. This makes them the ideal ammunition for target practice, as every hit is clearly visible. The paint can be easily removed from all dry surfaces. The effective range is approx. 20m.

Walter's usual high quality manufacturing as well as the strong optics of the very authentic weapon ensure an impressive appearance. It is also used by the police and military for training purposes, where it is important to be able to train with realistic weapons with as little risk as possible.

The easy to convert weapon is suitable for right- and left handed individuals

We deliver the weapon complete with all necessary accessories, ammunition and 6x CO2 capsules (sufficient for approx. 80 rounds each) in a padded plastic case. After a short time the pistol is ready for use. A maintenance capsule is also included in the scope of delivery. With this the pressure chambers and seals of the weapon are maintained and serviced after a longer time out or heavy use.

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Technical specifications:
• Calibre: calibre .43
• Drive system: CO2 in 12 g capsules
• Trigger: Single- / Double Action
• Magazine-capacity: 8 shots
• Sights: front and rear (adjustable)
• Safety: de-cocking key
• Velocity: up to 110 m/s
• Energy: app. 4 Joules
• Length: 180 mm
• Weight: 848 g

Scope of delivery:
• Pistol Walther PPQ RAM
• Plug and cleaner for the barrel
• 1x Valve maintenance capsule
• 6x CO2-capsules
• 10x PepperDust-bullets for repelling animals
• 40x Heavy rubberballs for training
• 40x BattleDust-bullets filled with chalk for target practice
• Instruction manual in DE/GB/FR/ES


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