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Home Defense Kit "Police" - cal .68
with PepperBallŪ LIVE-X

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Home Defense Kit "Police" - cal .68 <br/>with PepperBallŪ LIVE-X
Home Defense Kit "Police" - cal .68 <br/>with PepperBallŪ LIVE-X
Home Defense Kit "Police" - cal .68 <br/>with PepperBallŪ LIVE-X
Home Defense Kit "Police" - cal .68 <br/>with PepperBallŪ LIVE-X

This first class home defense system is one of the best defence against animals in case of selfdefence. It works with a ultra strong pepper irritant.

The strong .68 caliber shoots hardrubber balls and pepperballs. A proven method is a combination between this two types of ammunition. So attackers can stopped in more than 33 Feet with the rubberballs and the PepperBallŪ take the intention of attack.

All the important parts of the weapon are made of metal and this is the reason why the gun is so robust.
For its size, the weapon is very light, this is achieved because the housing is made, below the barrel, of tough plastic, which saves a lot of weight.

An important feature is that the CO2 cartridge is not seated, as in many other CO2 Guns in the housing, but has its place in the magazine. Only when pushed into the gun CO2 cartridge that is pierced. The gun can remain for months in the supplied carrying case stowed. If necessary, it is still instantly ready for use.

We tried the Tiberius and we be sure this is a real Home Defense Gun. The strong caliber penetrates effortlessly several layers of cardboard. Although it is very large, you will feel so well protected, in seconds the pistol is converted from a showpiece to a defense weapon.

The gun will be delivered in a padded carrying case completely with all accessories needed, includig replacement magazine an holster, the ammunition and a CO2-capsule (sufficient for ca. 24 shots). After a short time the pistol is ready for use.

PepperBallŪ LIVE-X
The PepperBallŪ LIVE -X bullet is a bullet filled with a strong pepper irritant. If the bullet hits its target, the bullet will burst and set the pepperpowder free - the effect is similar to a pepperspray. click here for more information.

Rubber balls The heavy rubberballs can be used up to a reach of ca. 30 metres, and is given sufficient defensive potential.

• Caliber: .68
• Drive: CO2 g in 12 capsules
• Trigger: Single- / Double Action
• Magazine capacity: 8 shot
• 24 shot / capsule
• Sights: iron sights (not adjustable)
• Backup: Relaxation pusher
• Speed: up to 90 m / s
• Energy: (factory default) 7.5 Joule
• Length: 26.5 cm
• Weight with magazine: 1050 g

Scope of delivery:
• 1x Pistol
• 2x CO2 cartridges
• 10x PepperBallŪ LIVE X for Animal Defence
• 20x hard rubberballs
• 1x Replacement magazine
• 1x Holster
• 1x Instructions in en
• 1x Storage case


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