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PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest
with lightweight stainless steel plates

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PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest <br/>with lightweight stainless steel plates Logo
PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest <br/>with lightweight stainless steel plates
PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest <br/>with lightweight stainless steel plates
PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest <br/>with lightweight stainless steel plates
PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest <br/>with lightweight stainless steel plates
PRODEF® Mod. II stab vest <br/>with lightweight stainless steel plates

The PRODEF® stab proof and knife protection vest changes to the next generation in order to the high requirements of security service providers. The experiences gained by security personnel were directly involved in the development. The new PRODEF stab proof vest is an indispensable companion against stabbing and cutting injuries by knives or other sharpened objects. Certainly the vest also protects against kicks an punches particularly in vulnerable regions as the solar plexus.
The primary stab protection provides 1.5 mm thick stainless steel plates in the abdomen and back. 2 mm thick plastic plates protect the entire torso from stab and cutting injuries, these plates serve the secondary puncture protection.
In spite of the massive stainless steel plates, great attention was paid to the weight. For the given protection, the vest is a real lightweight.

The upper material of the vest has been completely reworked and is made of modern material. It does not only look chic, care and cleaning are easy to manage.
The vest can be adapted to individual body dimensions of elastic drawstrings. When the vest is set to the user, this does not have to be repeated. The vest is flexible enough to remain on the body, for example, during patrol trips in the service vehicle.

The new zipper system on the front, it is even easier to put on and take off. Simply zip the zipper together and pull it up; The upper and lower ends of the zipper are protected against damage by a velcro-sealable protector An upholstery in the interior of the vest provides for even better wearing comfort and completes this modern stab protection vest completely

The vest can be used both as a overt as well as a covert vest
There are many possibilities in the chest and abdomen area to be able to attach various equipment by means of a hook system.
For easier transport to the application site, the stab protection vest is supplied together with a carrying bag.

This vest is not certified acc. an stab protection class.

In summary:
An original stab protection vest with many extras, such as padding for better wearing comfort and a new zipper system, this practical zipper eliminates the need for a permanent re-adjustment The modern upper material is easy to clean and also improves the look. The vest is suitable as both a overt as well as a covert vest.
1.5 mm stainles steel plates ensure the primary stab protection and 2mm plastic plates protect the entire torso against stab and cutting injuries.

Material: 100% Polyester
Color: black
Sizes: S-M, L-XL, XXL-XXXL

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