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Is it ilegal for me to buy a stun gun?
Depends from where you come - please check your current weapons law and ask your local authority or a lawyer for help, if needed. The weapons law is different in many countries, so we can not tell you, if you are allowed to buy a stun gun.
I would like to buy an expandable police baton, do you provide international shipping to Angola (Africa)?
We only ship inside the EU. Shipping to Africa is not possible.
Opening hours?
Mon. - Fri. 8:30-17:00
What would be the delivery time to belgium for a stungun,the security umbrella,another taser with peperspray and some minor other items?
The delivery time to countrys in Europe usually takes 3-5 days.
I live in Portugal, Lisbon. How much are the delivery costs?
Delivery costs to Portugal is about 15,90 Euro.
Can you tell me if the Gardigo Solar Bird Repellent will also work with seagulls?
We did not test it specifically with Seagulls - but we think it will work, because Seagulls are birds too.
Do you ship stun guns to Australia?
We only ship in the area of the EU (European Union).
What phone number do i call from UK?
Please call: 0049-6151-6674368
Is allowed to buy a Baton or Tonfa without any license in Darmstadt even if you are 18+?
Yes. We only have to check your age.
How can i track my order?
If you enter a valid e-mail address when placing your order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the tracking number of your parcel (and a direct link to track and trace) after the order was shipped. Otherwise please write us an e-mail so we can send you the tracking number.
There are problems to complete the order process while using the Opera Browser, what is to do?
We would recommend to use the following browser for finishing the order process: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. If the problem still exists while using these browser types, please contact us using the service hotline of SDG: +0049+06151-6674368 or the e-mail-address:
Is it possible to pick up stun guns directly in Germany at the Showroom, located in Darmstadt?
Yes, but only the three stun gun variants which are legal in Germany.
They have a secial PTB-sign which makes them legal inside Germany. Therefore it is possible to pick them up by visiting the retail shop in Darmstadt/Germany.
Regarding to the other ones which have no PTB-sign and are not allowed in Germany: they can only be purchased via shipment. Here the way via DHL dispatch is recommended.
The legal stun guns, which can be picked up by foreign customers, can be found on the web-site in the stun-gun category, they are listed in the top-positions above the list.
What is your phone number if i am calling from the U.K.?
The phone number for calls from outside Germany is:
0049 6151 6674368
Is it possible to dispatch to Belgium?
Yes, but SDG expects that the customers inform themselves about special laws in their country regarding to all products they are want to order.
Are stun guns legal in Ireland?
Unfortunately it is not possible to give actual informations about the special laws in the countries regarding to the stun guns, because the law statutes constantly change. However it is taken for granted that customers inform themselves about special laws in their country.
Do you ship also to Denmark?
Yes, SDG delivers articles to countries inside the EU which are mentioned on the regarding dispatch list, offered on the website. It is important to consider, that some articles are restricted in some countries. SDG expects that foreign customers inform themselves about regarding laws in their country and current law changes.
Do you have specific measurement scales for your clothings on your site?
Yes in the near future SDG will upload a specific scales for all our offered clothes with all necessary measurements categories (bust sizes etc.)
In which countries the Jet Protectors are allowed?
Unfortunately it is not possible to give actual information about the special laws in the countries regarding to stun guns because the statutes constantly change. However it is taken for granted that customers inform themselves about special laws in their country regarding to the use and possession of stun guns.
Which weapon is the more efficient in use against aggressive dogs, which recommendation can be made?
For this a short look to our „animal repellent“ category is helpful. The Jet-Protector or peppersprays in wide- and directstream-format are good options to protect yourself against aggressive dogs. Also stun guns from 100.000 – 300.000 volt are recommended.
Is it possible to bring a shocking device mechanism into Germany?
Not at the moment, except stun guns which have a special PTB-proof sign.
Can i order items if i do not work for the security services?
Yes you can. For some products we only need a "proof of age" that you are older than 18 years.
Do you ship to UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy ... ?
Yes, we do!
Do you ship to England or Ireland, and how long would the delivery take?
Yes, and the delivery needs up to 4 working days.
Do you need some kind of licence or be in the police force to be able to order from your site?
Everybody can order at our site but for some products you have to be older than 18 years.
Do you send to Malaysia or other coutries outside the EU?
Only to Switzerland. Malaysia is not possible, we are sorry.
Is it possible to get all items deliverd to Scotland, UK, Belgium etc...?
We deliver to all Member States of the European Union. Also Scotland (UK), Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Spain ...
Is it possible to take a photo from my ID, because we do not have a copier or scanner?
Yes, you can send us a photo from your ID. Please answer to the order confirmation by mail and attach your file.
Is there a catalogue available from SDG?
The easiest way and the fastest possibility to receive a catalouge from us is here:
>> Our current online-catalogue<<
Which spray or device is very efficient against dangerous dogs?
First and foremost, pepperspray is preferred against dangerous dogs. Pepperspray has the advantage, that because of the spray distance, a defence from a distance is possible.
Do you have a store for the direct purchase?
We have a Showroom in Darmstadt, which is open on weekdays from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. This is our only retail store. You can have a look at our sortiment, also to pick up legal articles. The only paying option is paying by cash.
Which actions do you have to take after using a stun gun?
Should you work for a security service, it is important to affix the attacker a.s.a.p. (handcuffs, cable straps or line). Private persons should exclaim for help and abscond after the defence. Arresting of attackers is not recommended for private persons, because of the risk and the legal position.
Do you sell also projectile weapons (real arms)?
We have specialized us in selling nonlethal, thus not deadly weapons.
Do you supply also online-dealers/resellers?
Yes, dealer inquiries are welcome! For this we need a copy of your trading licence and possibly your licence for trading with weapons.
Why you do not sell the product XY anymore?
Because sometimes a product is not available from the manufacturer. In this case we take the goods out of our shop. So all products, which you can see online, are available.
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